POLICY ON WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND EQUALITY We are aware of the presence of a positive legal framework in line with international standards on gender equality. We make our evaluations by considering gender equality during the recruitment of our employees. Our female employees have a total of 16 weeks of legal leave before and after they give birth. Upon their request, we can also give unpaid leave to our female employees in the same situation. In our institution, we make evaluations in consideration solely of success in rewarding and promotion, without making discrimination between men and women. We show approach to each of our female employees at equal distance, regardless of factors such as ethnic identity, race, language, religion, political opinion, private life, sexual preferences etc. For a modern and bright future, we attach great importance to increasing women's employment, ensuring gender equality and supporting women's active role, and we reflect this approach to ourselves first as individuals and then to our institution. Employment of women is the key to their economic independence and achieving greater equality between men and women in society, and we, as an institution, are aware of this conscience and support our female employees in this direction. We congratulate our female employees on special days such as Mother's Day and International Women's Day, and we organize events that will make them feel special. Gender equality is one of the core principles of the ILO "Decent Work for All Men and Women". In order to ensure equality of opportunity between women and men, we implement all necessary laws regarding working life in our institution and provide all kinds of social security.
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