POLICY ON RIGHTS OF THE CHILD We are aware that the rights of the child are universal concept used in definition of such rights as education, health, housing, physical, psychological or sexual exploitation which all the children in the world are endowed from birth both in legal and moral terms. We believe that every child in the world is important and the culture should never be used as a reason or excuse for child abuse. We are aware that there are many different methods in care and protection of the children and we shall strive to protect children sensitively in cultural terms and correspondingly with the conditions of the environment. We do not make any discrimination based on age, gender, language, religion, opinion or nationality, ethnic or social origin, status, class, caste, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics. We are accountable and we take responsibility to fulfill our obligations regarding the care of children and to take action when a child at risk or harm is detected. By providing training and support to KIRMAN HOTELS employees about our Child Protection Policy and child abuse, we enable them to recognize, prevent and intervene in child protection risks and incidents. We approach to every child with the awareness that s/he is an honorable individual. Recognizing that all children are special, we behave in accordance with their differing needs and developing capacities We are aware that children's participation in activities is possible only if they wish to do so. We endeavor to ensure meaningful activities of children in making decisions that interest them in accordance with their age and maturity level. Being aware of the potential to be a role model when working with children, we exhibit positive behaviors. We act in accordance with gender equality. We avoid manners that may adversely affect the child and increase the risk of harm while working with children. We are aware that children's personal information is confidential in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the relevant legislation, especially the privacy of life. We do not share any information about the situation of the child and his family with individuals or institutions without the explicit permission of the child and family. We report all allegations and concerns about actual or suspected cases of abuse involving a child or children in which personnel misconducted or involved in criminal behavior. In order for them to express their dissatisfaction and concerns about the treatment they receive regarding the implementation of this policy by KIRMAN HOTELS, we get the children and their families.
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